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Netflix & Chill we know. But..

...Netflix & Learn is worth your while too. Why not try some excellent documentaries and series to learn about yourself, sustainability, human behaviour, and life really?

A S.E.B. teacher made a list of some interesting options (he did not see all of them yet, but he would really like to). If you have some interesting ideas, please share with Stanko via or just drop him a line through Teams. He would love to hear from you!!!


- The true cost: fashion industry impact

- Minimalism: ‘less is more’ lifestyle

- Rotten: serious challenges in the food industry

- Explained: different topics on human behaviour (know yourself)

- Cowspiracy: meat industry impact on planet and health


- The Bad Kids: helping young adults who live at the fringe of society

- Happy: how to be…

- Missrepresentation: unfair treatment of women in media

- The mask you live in: ‘being a man’ is not about playing a man-role

- Ask the doctor: different episodes about your body and health

Cheers y'all!

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