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Super Sustainable Humans of FC Heerenveen: Hessel and Jaap!

The Super Sustainable Human of FC @ Heerenveen are: Hessel Bosma & Jaap de Jong. These gentlemen are another shiny example of how awesome people can be if they just put their minds and hands behind sustainability!

Just like during every period, S.E.B. students were asked to go out and about Friesland College and ask the lovely people of FC a few questions about their personal approach to sustainability. The questions were multiple choice and each answer comes with a fixed amount of points. The most sustainable answers deliver the most points. Simple! The maximum score was 16, and both Hessel scored a very neat 14 points, and so did Jaap. That's solid. Real solid.


Isa on top, Gea on the low end, and in between we have HESSEL

Hessel & Jaap are therefore.. "Super Sustainable Humans of the FC".And gentlemen, we salute you! Two chocolate Tony bars are coming your way ASAP!!!

From left to right: JAAP! Robin, and Ziad (with Jesse behind the camera)

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