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SEB 9 & 10, a final word.

Dear Seblings,

Allow me to just say that it has been an honour to be your teacher for the last five months. Most of you have now completed your exams. For those who are done: congratulations! For those who still have to finish the exam (or their portfolio) good luck, and see you soon.

When you started the elective, I made you a promise.. I said that I would to my best to help you:

- be more entrepreneurial

- improve your English

- know yourself better

- learn more about and do more with sustainability.

And that's what I did, and that's what I will keep doing. Some of you have made the best of the opportunity, and some of you just stayed with the ride and made sure to make it to the finish line.

Either way... I'm glad we met, and I hope to see you around. Also, a special thanks to Birgit and Anna for two delicious Tony chocolate bars. Thanks ladies! Omnom!

If you want to stay in touch, find me on LinkedIN or follow Ondernemerscollege!

All the best!


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