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Social Behavioral Agreement

To help you get a better idea about social/sustainable behaviour it is now your assignment to make a social behaviour agreement (SBA). What is that? It is a document with three lists of sustainable behaviours: economic, social, and environmental.  By making the list you will think about different kinds of sustainable behaviour. You must decide what you think is important, and put that on the list. The list can look like this.




TIME:               5-10 hours

WITH WHO?    With a classmate you don't know.

HOW:               See the two checklists below. 

DEADLINE:      See schedule



  • Find a classmate to work with. Choose someone you don't know very well. Go ahead, don't be shy ;) 

  • Individually, read the three sources below to get an idea about sustainability. Just make sure both of you really understand what it means to be sustainable in the three areas. Talk about it together.





STEP 2: TOP 10

  • Then, together, decide what you or organizations/companies can do to show and promote sustainable behaviour. You can use the ideas above, or your own ideas. Make a top five per each area: social, environmental, and economic and put it in a word file. It's important that you do this together. Really talk to each other about the items before you put them in the top 5. If you really talk about it,sometimes you will agree with each other other times you won't. That's okay and normal, so make sure you find middleground.  Just make sure at least one item per list is something you yourself could actually do to become more sustainable. For example: exercising five times per week. Or, taking the bus instead of going with the car.

  • Look at the list from one other group in your class. See if they have different ideas, and learn why they have different ideas. You can change your list again if you want.


  • Now make a very official looking digital version of your social behaviour agreement. Make it pretty, make it cool. Use, or Word, or Publisher, or whatever.

  • Individually, choose one item per list that you will actually do during the course. Or be ready to explain why you won't do anything. Now be careful. You have to be able to prove you are actually doing what you said you would. Make sure you know how to do it. Also, if you choose not to do anything, be ready to defend it.

  • Print your list, and upload it on Teams under THE SBA trial individually.

  • Finally, present your final list to the class during next class. During the presentation:

  1. Both of you present.

  2. Give an overview of your presentation

  3. Explain what you learned about each other and about sustainability by doing the assigment (can be anything)

  4. Share your personal goals (or why you don't have any).

  5. Explain how you will prove that you are doing your personal commitment

  6. Explain why you think you will actually meet your goals if you have them.

  7. You have max three minutes in total.


  • For every new trial that you make, use your SBA* to make the trial sustainable. Huh? For example: if you've put " it's good to exercise five times a week" on your list, you can use that for the trial "design a youth area". You can do it by adding a fitness area to your design. Visitors can then practice there as well. Do you  get it?

  • *If there is nothing on your SBA to use for the trial, you, add a new sustainable item to your SBA list.

  • At the end of the course, you must be able to show what you have done to make your behaviour more sustainable. Did you join a politcal party, are you volunteering, did you ask your boss for a paper bin? But don’t worry about that yet. First, go ahead and make the list.

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