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The Qualification File

SEB is based on the Dutch elective (keuzedeel) called "ondernemend gedrag". The difference between 'ondernemend gedrag' and "SEB" is that SEB is also about sustainability. And SEB is in English. We are currently working on getting SEB nationally recognized as an independent elective. That means that the five processes (curiosity, seeing opportuntities, taking initiative, speaking English, and being sustainable) will all be in a new qualification file that is made for SEB alone. "Ondernemed gedrag"only focuses on the first three.  Until then, your exam is mainly based on the original Dutch qualification file for 'ondernemend gedrag'. You can find the qualification file below as a pdf file.



               Qualification file "ondernemend gedrag". This is what your exam will be about.




The Examination of Aptitude

The examiniation of aptitude is the official name of your exam. It basically means "We are going to have a look at how well you did at SEB. And  then we will decide if that was enough to pass the course". There is detailed information about this, but we will put it on the website one week before we start the Examination of aptitude. The format of your exam is called "the peer-review"



The Peer-Review

Basically, the exam goes something like this: you will give a two minute pitch, and then you will spend fifiteen minutes answering questions from classmates and the teacher about what you have done during SEB. That's why it's called a peer-review. Your classmates are your peers and they will interview you... Peers + interview = peer-review. Your teacher will then pay attention how you have worked on the hree processes (curiosity, seeing opportunties, and taking action, being sustainable and practicing English), and how you practiced SEB skills (being social, flexible, active, planning, and so on).

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