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Hello Sebling, Stanko Zeljak here! I teach SEB in Leeuwarden and I update this website.

First of all...

Everything you read here is between you and me. Don't tell your classmates about this because it will give them a power they don't yet deserve. Also, if you tell them, you are killing their chance to show curiousity. That makes you an a**hole.

Second of all... 

I want to congratulate you on your curiousity!! You looked further than you had to because you are a curious person, and now you have unlocked something very special.

What did you unlock? 

You can do a custom trial. Custom means exactly what you want, the way you want it. Practically, that means that in the next round of trials, you will work on your own small project for two weeks.

What can you do?

It's up to you really.. Some ideas:

- go to a workshop or two

- start a vlog

- write blogs for about your favourite topic

- research something you want  to learn more about

- visit a company you are very excited about

- go to an event you really want to go to.


The rules..

-  During SEB hours

- 10 hours of activity

-  Fill this form at the start and then at the end of your trial.

-  Upload the form to teams under 'My Trial'.

- Communicate  with your teacher about what you are doing.

Good luck and do your best.


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