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Should you choose SEB as your elective (keuzedeel)?

Need help? Read on.

First off, what is social entrepreneurial behaviour?

When we speak of entrepreneurial behaviour during the elective we do not mean 'starting your own business'.

What we mean by entrepreneurial behaviur is being curious, seeing opportunties, and taking initiative. For example, paying attention to your surroundings (people, places, information), seeing opportunities to improve yourself or somethjng you are working on. Sometimes it's getting things done, speaking your mind, taking the lead, having a professional attitude, and other times it is about working with other people, planning, being flexible, etc. . There's a lot you can work on.

Should I choose this elective?

Now, if you want to know if the elective is something that might be interesting to you... csnsider the following questions. If you answer most of them with a firm and confident yes (or a few important ones) , SEB is the elective for you.

  • Is entrepreneurial behaviour (ondernemend gedrag) something you feel you need to work on/improve?

  • Are you you comfortable with with being expected- and challenged to be more productive, more assertive, and well organized, all the time? And if that doesn't work, are you ok if we get more help to get you there?

  • Do you want to improve/practice your overall English language skills (speaking/conversations/listening/writing/reading) just by doing?

  • Are you are considering an HBO study progamme in English?

  • Are you into sustainability (duurzaamheid), want to learn more about it, and are open to picking up some new sustainable habits?

Did you answer most of these questions with a yes? Or one or two that are very important to you? Then you know what to do.

Still stuck?

Still not sure if this the elective for you? Send a message to a teacher, we will get back to you asap.

Good luck.


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