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GEJA! The Super Sustainable Human of the Friesland College!!!

Today during SEB students went through the school and took a sustainability survey amongst students and staff of the Friesland College. There were eight questions and one clear winner! The winner means: the most sustainable human.

GEJA! Congratulations!

Geja works at the 'Openbaar Leer Centrum' and she scored a maximum of 16 POINTS. That means she separates waste, eats no meat, bikes a lot! And much more. GEJA, you are an inspiration :) Thank you for taking the survey, and allowing us to take a picture with you.

Noach Ben Idde (Left, 14 Points) came in Second!

Thank you NOACH! BOSS.

Rein (12 points) shares a third spot with Mohamed! Good job lads.

Rein works as an internship coach! Well done Rein! :)

Mohamed (12 points, top left) ! Congrats, sustainable looks good on you :D

Unfortunately the ladies did not write down what Mohamed studies. Boo.


Lotte (11 Points, lady in the middle) Sustainable is a good look! Keep it up.

Jaimy (10 Points) Awesome, keep it up.

Larissa (10 Points, lady in the middle!)

Démi (8 points, lady in the middle) Halfway there Démi!!!

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