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Malta guest Blogs: Ilse & Margje, Friese Poort

As you know, six Seblings are at Malta at the moment, and they are not alone. They are working on the connect2018 project together with six Friese Poort students. Altogether they are a lovely bunch of people, and today we would like to share a few of their blogs with you. Enjoy!

MARGJE (25 May)

We've been in Malta for clsoe to a week now and I think it is a very nice country with a lot of differences with the Netherlands. In the week we already seen a lot of Malta and its culture. Me and Simone (my friend and classmate from Friese Poort) started our days with translation and transcribing of the phone calls that Rosalie and Vanjuschka made to project leaders at different Dutch schools. They called these people to ask information about the projects that our schools are working on together. Since the conversations were in Dutch, and all the info needs to be in English that’s why we had to translate the phone calls. On friday we started with making a presentation to show the work we did in the first week. Every team had to give a presentation about the things they worked. After that we celebrated our weekend! In the evening we went out for a night walk in Msida (above). It was very beautiful!

ILSE (27 May)

By now we already had a week with a lot of fun with all the students. The project is going well and the weather is sunny. Last night we went out, so we started the day slow at the apartment. Some went to the beach to catch a tan, but I just stayed in our apartment to relax. We are staying at a really nice apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room with kitchen. We have two balcony’s, one at the back of the apartment and one in the front. We have a lot of space and that is a very! nice thing! if you are two weeks, constantly with six other students.

We wanted to grab some Maltese snacks, so we got some Maltese candy. We just had a relaxing sunday because we had already done a lot this week. I think Malta is a very nice country with a lot of nice people. We also went to Valletta, the capital of culture. This is where our project is about. Leeuwarden is also capital of culture. It’s really nice to see the similarities of both cities. The people are different but also kind of the same. I am really enjoying my time here in Malta. I hope we will finish the project well with all the students!

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