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Enterprijs 2017: two very inspired Seblings!

Last thursday (16-11-2017) the second edition of Enterprijs took place. It was a very inspiring evening at which two SEB students, Hilde and Femke (SEB2) joined in the audience and watched young entrepreneurs in action! Hugely inspiring.

The "Enterprijs" is an event which lets young entrepreneurs pitch their business idea to a jury. The young enrepreneurs already have a plan, a product, and they are already in business. But, what they still need are: money and promotion. The winner gets €2500 and a lot of (media) attention. So.. it's a big a deal for these starting entrepreneurs, and they really do try to dazzle and impress.

All SEB 2 students were offered the option to go to the event to see these young entrepreneurs in action. But why? At SEB you learn that some skills are really important to make it as an employee or an entrepreneur, and you practice these skills during SEB. But every now and then it's good to just go to an event like this and see other young people practice the skills on a high level. This can be hugely inspiring in ways you don't expect in advance.

Femke & Hilde went to the event and were both very enhousiastic and involved during the pitches and afterwards. Hilde in particular really had a strong inspirational moment. While we were walking back from the event all of a sudden she just said "I don't know guys.. But I'm just really inspired all of a sudden. I recognized a lot of what was being said."

Hilde was mostly impressed by the presentation given by Friso Visser from Brain Fuel. Friso is an entrepreneur and a jack of all trades.. He talked about how we need to think big, act big, test our ideas, be brave, learn from mistakes, and cooperate. SEB students should be able to recognize these as: growth mindset, being social, and being open to your environment.

A great evening, with a lot of 'aha' moments and certainly worth the time. Next year, again!

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