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Claim your future!

What is Claim Your Future?

Claim Your Future is a project which asks students to be curious about their region and try to recognize social issues. Then, the students are asked to look for opportunities to solve these social challenges. Next, they will share these insights with other students from other European countries. Together they will look at solutions and try to find the ones that seem best. To do so they will visit each other in other European Countries and have meetings to discuss their ideas. Finally, they will go back to their own country and take initiative to change something back home. This way, students are asked to make a real difference in their own lives, and the lives of other people. In the process they will learn entrepreneurial skills, and grow social awareness.

What's SEB got to do with this?

This monday nine SEB 2 students joined the Kick Off of the Claim Your Future project in Leeuwarden. SEB students were asked to volunteer as Personal Assistants and City Guides to international guests (Portugal, Latvia, Germany, Spain and England). So that's what they did! They organized a school tour and a city tour for international guests. Afterwards, they were personal assistants of international guests and joined their discussions at the round tables. Personal Assistant sounds legit, but it was really easy going and more about attending the event and joining the discussion about social challenges in Europe.

The day did not go without its problems. It was entirely organized by NHL/Stenden students and SEB students. So that means: learning on the job. But in the end, I think the learning was real and the event had real added value. That's all that counts. A photo impression can be found in the galery below.

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