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Attitude + Openness = Creativity

This week the two SEB groups worked on different trials to practice different skills. Below is a taste of what they have done!


SEB 1 worked on 'designing a youth area'. This trial allows practicing curiosity and flexibility. Together we call these skills 'being open to your environment'. To practice with the skills, the students first make an original design of a youth area (curiosity). And then, after receiveing some critical feedback, they are invited to change their design or explain why they won't change it (flexibility).


SEB 2 worked on attitude. Today they had to take the ideas like 'Mindsets' (Dweck), Motivation (Ryan & Deci) and A-Behaviour (FC Sprint) and put them into art. The results were great and inspiring. The students presented their art, and they all had different works of art about the same ideas. So have a look and see if you can understand the 'art'!!!

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