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Helping a fair deal.

SEB is about being sustainably busy..So we are! A few weeks back we started working on the trial "promote a fair deal'. The goal was to find a social enterprise, read into it, and then go on the streets and see how we could convince people to buy the sustainable product instead of a non-sustainable product. SEB 1 took the challenge seriously and got busy on the streets. Below you can find a photo-report of students doing interviews!

Some of the companies students have chosen to do reseach about are, of course, some of the big favourites of one and all: Tony Chocolonely & Dopper. But also less known companies like Peeze were interesting to students.

One of the groups, Patricia and Fabienne to be precise, went on the streets with Chocolonely chocolate bars and offered samples in hope of converting people to the slave-free brand. The people loved the chocolate, but half of them said it was too expensive. When you think about it, it's more fair that all chocolate is more expensive if it means it's slave free. Right? There's a long way to go in making sustainable products the most obvious choice.

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