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SEB all over the place.

Just before we had the autumn break, we went around the FC campus and made some social commotion! What exactly? A mix of SEB positivity and some authentic discomfort.. Have a look below and read the captions to get the full story.

And here's Shavanah and Carlo, prepping a group to perform a group yell! The Yell goes a bit like this: "if you're green, then show some pride, if you're not then join the Green Side!" Obviously, being green means being sustainable (but we're not sure all students know what that means yet). A + for effort, but next time, yell harder!

So what's this all about, why are SEB students doing this? It was all part of the assignment called "A random request". There is a common thread in everything the students did: being nice, talking Green. That's all SEB. But there's more.

Doing all of this can be quite uncomfortable. Asking random strangers if you can give them a massage? Offering a cup of coffee to a someone you don't know? Approaching a whole class and asking them to do a "Yell" in English, out of nowhere? You need to show some attitude to get it done, and some students need to get out of their comfort zone to finish the assignment.

So it's not just fun and games, it's also about stepping out of your comfort zone. There was also a reward for the group that managed to do most Random Requests: A bar of delicious Tony Chocolonely!

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