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Brenda & Carla! Super sustainable humans of the Friesland College, the Heereveen edition.

And again, but now in Heerenveen, SEB students went through the school and took a sustainability survey amongst students and staff of the Friesland College. There were eight questions and this time, two winners! Being a winner means being the most sustainable human !!! Take it with a pinch of salt of course, but it's all good natured fun and people who are taking sustainablity seriously, deserve some credit. So without further ado...

Brenda and Carla (14 points) Congratulations!

Brenda works as an administrator at the Friesland College, but she also works at 'van de Bron' (sustainable energy), so it should be no surprise she tops this list!

Carla works at the Student Advice Center, AND she is a former SEB Teacher! No coincidence she's a super-sustainable human!!!! Congtats Carla :)


Eelko (12 points) English teacher, and overall outstanding individual. Eats meat every day though, there is room for improvement.

Seraya (11 points)

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