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Malta Guest Blogs: Herman & Mark

As you know, six Seblings are at Malta at the moment, and they are not alone. They are working on the connect2018 project together with six Friese Poort students. Altogether they are a lovely bunch of people, and today we would like to share a few of their blogs with you. Enjoy!

Herman (30-5)

This is our second week here in Malta. I didn’t know what to expect when I was going to come here. It is a beautifull country with an interessting culture, also they have a great history. Christian de Bono gave us the first school day a great history ‘lesson’. The other days of last week worked really hard to gather as much information as possible, also gathering pictures and video’s to keep the social media and the website updated. We made 3 groups, group 1 gathering information, group 2 keeping the website and social media updated and group 3 gathering the pictures and video’s. I am in the third group gathering the pictures and video’s.

So today (wednesday)) we went to Sliema to gather some pictures and photo’s, then we went to Valletta, and then we went with the bus to Sliema again. We first made some video’s of the small streets, we also went to a couple shops but we weren’t allowed to film there, so we went to the mall and made there some video’s. Later we went to make some pictures and video’s of the water and boats. It was a beautifull location with really clear blue water. Then we headed back to school and edited everything and deleted the pictures that weren’t good. Then I made a presentation for when we come back in Holland and need to present the project. Then we went home and relaxed, so we were rested for the next day.

Mark (28 May)

We started the day with school. We hat to get busy with the project, because it has to be done before Friday. So there was some work to do for the day. We had to get the Facebook page at 300 followers before Friday and at the moment of writing this it has 146 likes. We thought it wasn’t possible anymore. We have discuss with everybody to get the goal to 200 likes. After that we had a break and I bought Maltese food in the canteen. When we finished school we went to Mdina, that was beautiful and we make beautiful pictures.

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