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Malta & SEB: Connecting Stories

Six Seblings and six Friese Poort students are in Malta right now, working on a project called Connect2018. So far they have been productive and have had plenty of fun as well. Want to know more? Read on.

Connect 2018?

Connect 2018 is collaborative project between MCAST, Friese Poort, and Friesland College. The goal of the project is to gather impressions (words and images) of all the 'other' projects that our schools have been working on together. A month ago, back in NL, the students made a plan on how to promote the projects. Now, it's time to execute the plan.

Day 1

The students started on monday by attending a warm welcome and introduction to MCAST given by the very kind Melanie Mizzi (Project Manager & Deputy Director), and Martina Vella (Lecturer, hard worker, and a super nice lady). They also had a spirted history lesson about Malta, given yet again by the one and only Christian Debono (Programmes Coordinator Int. Office).

Soon after, the students had a tasty lunch with the hosts, and with the MCAST students they worked with earlier in the Netherlands. The lunch included delicious Maltese snacks, drinks, and in good company time went by fast.

Then, students and I (Stanko) got to work. I attended a productive meeting with MCAST colleagues and together we have agreed that MCAST and Friesland College will continue working together in a permanent and new format in the future. Stay tuned for more about that. The students at the same time, sat down together and rescheduled the activites for the next weeks. Unfortunately, due to assignment deadlines and exams, the Maltese students will not be able to work on the project full time. That means more work for NL students. But, they are confident they will get it done.

Day 2

Day two started productively, with students focused on getting work done. Group 1 started making phone calls and e-mails, group 2 updated the social media and ordered more input from groups 1 and 3. Group 3 was busy editing movies and pictures, and making new materials. Things are cooking up.

In between work sessions, the students class-shadowed an Entrepreneurship Course taught by Claudette Pace. After talking shop for twenty minutes, we decied to get into the Connect2018 theme! How? By doing an energizer called "connecting stories". In groups of seven, students sat down together to come up with a crazy story made up entirely from fictive or real story elements. Each student had to add a part to the whole and we had some very creative results. We had horror stories, drunk-man tales, straight up crazy stories, and some brilliant comic relief. It was fun to attend the class, talk about entrepreneurship, and 'connect'.

All in all, a productive and fun days here at Malta!

The students also went up and about and made some pictures for you. Check out the gallery!

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