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Week 1 'Project Malta' by Jody

Post Holiday Blues and Monday Blues are kicking in on the first day back to the weekly routine in Malta. Sitting at my desk reminiscing about the week in Leeuwarden meeting new people and the new experiences. Sipping a cup of green tea and nibbling on a choco stroopwafel, I tell my workmates all about the experience I had in Leeuwarden and why I loved it there!

The beautiful scenery, the neverending green grass and trees on the side roads with the occasional sight of goats and sheep, the beautiful houses and their terraces along the canals, the cycling locals, the friendly and very helpful bus drivers during our long 2hr ride home and the list goes on….

Four very productive days together with the friendly students from Friesland College went by really fast. Kicking off the week with the help of Mr Stanko who had some interesting ice breaking/get to know each other activities prepared for us on our arrival and a very motivating lecture to follow. The highlight for me was with no doubt the day before our last where I had the opportunity of giving a presentation to students from ROC Friese Poort College together with the help of my classmate Christian. Public speaking had recently peaked my interest and getting the chance to experience it in the duration of this exchange was very satisfying. The compliments we received from the audience after was also a great confidence boost.

To end the trip on our last day, Hank from Friese Poort took us for an hour long boat ride through the canals of Leeuwarden city centre. Basking in the sun to the sound of the guide’s traditional Dutch language I looked around and took in the beautiful surroundings and some facts about Leeuwardens history Vanjuschka, one of the students, was kindly translating.

Thanks to the fun and diverse group of Maltese students, Ms Martina the teacher accompanying us and all the people we have met in Leeuwarden, my overall experience was a very inspiring and unforgettable one from which I have grown.

I really did not want to leave! I look forward to having the Dutch students over in Malta and to re-visit Leeuwarden and all the people we’ve met in the future!

For more updates on our project go to connect2018com

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