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DAY 4 & 5 "Project Malta" by Michaela & Owen


This blog is a walkthrough of the experience I gained throughout this journey, so far. First, let me introduce myself, I’m an MCAST student from Malta studying on the line of Business Administration. I decided to take on this opportunity since it can enhance my studies from a different perspective.

This project gives me a hands on experience, and through it I can connect with other individuals from diverse countries. This way I get to know more about their culture which differs a lot from ours and that really makes the experience quite interesting. And not to mention how beautiful this place is!

Unfortunately friday was our last day and we started by working on a plan on how tasks will be divided and what will be done when the Dutch students visit Malta. We met at the Kanselarij entrepreneurship center. There, each group was working on their own goals and initiatives in order to have everything set up. That should make it easier to integrate all individual group findings together at the end of this project.

Afterwards, we had a delightful lunch and were spoiled with some fun whilst here! The MCAST students were treated to a boat trip along this amazing city, which was one to remember since we had an insight through their astonishing history. Later on, we decided to go for a shopping spree and later grab a bite to eat, finishing off our day on a delicious note.

This experience thought me how to master new challenges and how to tackle them. I know that such tasks will be beneficial for my future reference and especially for my character. I will definitely revisit Leeuwarden and recommend other people to do so. I’m very glad I got to do this and I’m sure we will continue the exceptional experience when the Dutch students visit Malta!


This week was a fantastic week in many ways. I feel that it was great because all of the students have been working well as a team and everyone is making their best to reach their goal for this project. This project has helped me as a person by improving my skills in the marketing research segment.

The time here in Holland by all Maltese students that are from MCAST, was a great way for us to meet new students from different schools, which all the ideas was spread in one room. All of us were welcome and have been given a tour of the school that the dutch students study in. After having to get to know eachother, it was time that we start building our project.

Everyone has agreed that we need to split into group and have a mission for each group so that everyone will have a specific aim to reach. Once all the groups were sorted out, each group started working on their tasks. Some groups had to create a survey, create social media platforms, make promotional videos, etc.

Today is the day that we have to travel back to Malta. This project has kicked off with a good start, and we will be continuing it in Malta, keeping in mind to reach all of our goals.

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