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Day 2 'Project Malta' by Ellen

This morning we met up at Kansalaarji Leeauwarden, to kick-start our project. We started off by having breakfast at the ‘Grand Café’ and assembled together to work in our separate groups. I joined my group who was given the task of posting information on the website and to promote it on several social media platforms. We were getting busy pretty quick.

In order to make the blog a bit more personal, the whole group came up with the idea of posting pictures of everyone involved in this project. Paras, a student at Friesland College took a photo of all of us individually, so it will be uploaded on this website.

While writing this blog my group started opening social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram and a gmail account.Whilst working, we offered our Friesland College friends some packets of Twistees which is a popular and traditional Maltese snack which was liked by everyone including their teacher Stanko, who could not stop eating them!

After tasting Twistees we offered Kinnie a Maltese traditional soft drink which surprisingly was liked by the Friesland College students, we showed our surprise since it is the kind of drink that you either love or hate! At 13:30pm we all left the college and starting walking around the centre of Leeuwarden. While we were out, we went around shops and bought some gifts for our families and friends back in Malta. We also had the chance to taste frikandel which is a very popular snack in Holland. It was very delicious and liked by all! Some Dutch students suggested that this too was a ‘love or hate’ kind of a thing.

I enjoyed working with the Dutch students and I am looking forward to working with them again when visiting Malta this year in May.

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