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Day 1 'Project Malta' by Stephan Joesten (Seb 6)

“Project Malta”, as I call it, started today on the 10th of April. I'd like to share with you a few of the things we have done during the day. All in all, I'm reeally excited about the project and ready to kick it off!

In the morning we met each other through a question game. I’ve spoken to all the Maltese people. When the question game ended, Francisca and I had to do a tour through our school. We showed them the ‘best’ areas of our school, like the bakery en airplane. At the end of the tour they had to chance to speak to a REAL Friesland College teacher. He told them about the way the study goes at FC.

We got hungry and went downstairs. Stanko, the guy who is leading the project, had reserved a table for the group. For the record, there were around 11 Maltese people.

Then it was time for a briefing. We received the description of the project. I thought the project was something completely else. However, I like this project too. The project description will probably be uploaded soon, since I’m too busy with the project at the moment.

So, everything went well. We had a break and when everyone had enough of it we went upstairs to follow SEB. Social entrepreneurial behavior. I love SEB. And I think the Maltese people did really enjoy it too. We made groups and started giving groups their tasks. I’m happy with doing the marketing stuff, like promoting it on multiple platforms.

Around 16:45 we went all to the train station. I (of course) had to show the Maltese people a picture of a typical Dutch product: a frikandel. I told them whenever we got spare time we will eat one of them.

I really enjoyed this day and look forward to the next few days. And yes, I can’t wait for visiting Malta!

11 apr. 2018

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