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February 18, 2019

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September 19, 2019

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March 14, 2018


A few students from SEB 6 went on a little adventure yesterday. Four of them have joined the Buddy Project, organized by NHL Stenden and our own Language Center.


The idea is simple. NHL students who are studying to become English teachers came to our school to see how we do things at the MBO - Friesland College style. We coupled the NHLS students with our own MBO students, and then our students gave them a tour around the buildings.




Next time, our students will go there and do the same. Later, the HBO students will shadow our students here at Friesland College.. and our students will shadow lessons they are interested in at the HBO. Pretty neat.

Both SEB 5 and SEB 6 students were invited to be the buddy's with the NHLS students! Only SEB 6 students actually joined (tsk tsk). And judging by the pictures, it was a jolly good time. 


Seblings gave a tour in English, made acquintances with HBO students, and will go and take classes at NHL later in the period. That's a nice deal. Hats off for: Jozef, Sam, Stephan, Daniel for seeing this opportunity and taking it. Props.





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