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Short, Sweet, but Serious!

Last tuesday SEB1 went to Apeldoorn to hand in our raised funds (€150) for Serious Request. It was a short and sweet visit, but with a seriously good goal.

It was a great experience to have. Our fellow students from "Sociaal Ondernemend Gedrag" (the neighbours) have raised a whooping €500! They also enjoyed having a two minute live interview for Serious Request! What a treat.

So together, that brings the total to €650 from Friesland College!!! Amazing. If you're wondering, how come the other group raised so much more? SEB 1 has spent one week working on the 'Serious Request' trial, the SOG group has been working on the trial since October!

If one thing could have been done better on the day, it was the flow of ideas on what to do. We came, we delivered, and we had a great cup of hot chocolate at Central Park.. and then... We went back. Missed chance? I'm curious how students will reflect on this experience during the peer-assesments and their reflections.

A more detailed blog of the day will follow from the hands of our own SEB 1 star, Femke Veenstra. The pictures on the day were made by are hawkeyed photographer Lysanne Valk! Stay tuned.

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