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30 November 2017.

Today I was late in class.. (oops..) I missed the first 40 minutes... there was an presentation about claim your future and I guess it was about going to a country in February 2018. I heard about this in the SEB classes before, I didn’t go to the Kanselarij a few weeks ago and the claim your future trial did not interest me. So the lesson starts for me with an Kahoot about curiosity and flexibility. It was fun and the trial really interested to me. After that we may presentate the trail design a youth area ! (finally) I will give an short explanation about the trail: Design a youth area is about making an area for young people between the 16 and 24 years. But you have to think about sustainability. Me and my classmate where thinking about a building with solar plates on it, a garden you can renovate, cats and dogs in there and making an system when you sport in the building you create energy to shower. So you don’t waste any of water.

So the last few days we had to make a moodboard, a plan how it would look like, a logo and a name for our youth area. We also had to interview people between 16-24 years what they think about our idea or if they have more ideas. So we asked our friends, they liked our plan and they came up with really fun ideas too !

Our presentation went very good and I had so much fun in this trail. Because I’m a creative person and I like to draw a plan with the things that should be in the youth area.

Above you can see a little bit of how our design looked. Oh I almost forgot ! The name of our company is: There Is No Planet B !

The last 2 hours we worked on an assignment Stanko gave us. It was about making decisions. I’m not very good at making decisions, so I like the assignment and I learned a bit more about it. And that is what this seb lesson looked like today.

- Ilona Wolfslag

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