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Yesterday during class, the group was offered a choice. Do another trial that was scheduled. Or, organize an action to collect money for the good cause and, on the 19th of december go to Appeldoorn to deliver your gift in person. It was a tight race, but SEB 1 got serious.

A little over half of the class voted for SERIOUS REQUEST, making it a narrow victory, but a huge difference. The next three lessons will be completely dedicated to raising funds for Red Cross, and we don't have much time either.

We are not the only ones doing this. The Dutch version of the elective 'sociaal ondernemend gedrag' lead bij Sabine Sijbesma has been working on the project since September. They are ambitious and are aiming to collect at least 500 euro's! For more information about their project, go here! Now the question is: will SEB 2.. get serious too?

And also, let's be clear. Not everyone felt comfortable doing this trial. So, the students who voted against were asked if they still wanted to do the regular trial. The class was silent and no one objected. Is that a good sign? Maybe not. I have a feeling that some real learning will happen with this trial because...

A: there is no clear plan yet

B: there is no clear (financial) goal

C: there is very little time

D: all SEB skills will be put to a test: be curious (about Serious Reqest and how you can raise money) see opportunties (how to raise money and organize our visit to Appeldoorn)

E: Some students would rather do something they are used to doing. So, the comfort zone is exit once again.

SEB 1 just got serious.

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