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Learning @ Malta! Seblings can do it too.

This blog is different than others. Why? The student writing is not a Sebling, she's a Human technology student from the Friesland College and she's on an exchange program at Malta to practice her English and her entrepreneurial skills!

Lisa is there to learn and have fun! She will learn by doing trials, just like Seblings, but she needs to organize them herself. She's responsible for her actions, and doing things on time. There's no SEB-teacher to motivate and coach her. Sounds good? Seblings too can go to Malta and develop entrepreneurial skills at the spot! Stanko will share more information with those interested during class. But for now, read about Lisa's first impressions from Malta!


My name is Lisa, I'm 22 and I'm studying human technology. The basic of my study is about finding technical solutions for problems in healthcare.

On our first day, we were received by Christian from MCAST, the school where I will be following lectures for 4 days. He took us all on a tour to the capitol, Valetta and showed us all the most beautiful buildings and sights. During the tour I noticed some places to be familiar to me. Christian told us why soon after that. It turns out that many scenes from the HBO series ''game of thrones'' were recorded here on Malta. It was awesome to see the places for real.

During the tour There was a funny moment, where I managed to make the guide, Christian a bit uncomfortable. He had bought us all a local dish that looked like a croissant filled with ricotta And was called pastizzi. Right after we finished them, we had to walk up some very steep stairs. And i was a bit out of breath. He then commented that the walk was good for burning off the pastizzi's. To which i asked him: did you just call me fat?! The whole tour group realized it was a joke, but Christian was very apologetic and told me he did not mean it that way. Then I told him it was just a joke and he was also able to laugh it off with the group after that.

Malta feels like a huge island but it isn't in fact that large. It seems so big because of the many steep hills we keep climbing and because traffic here is a huge mess. therefor it can take hours to get from one side of the island to the other.

Malta is really a gorgeous island with many monumental and historical buildings. In the next two weeks I expect to see a lot more of the island's beauties and also learn a lot in school and at the retirement home, where we will be jobshadowing for the last 6 days.

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